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FLEXAMIT: “Forget IT!”

You don’t need to be able to lay an egg to enjoy an omelette. And it’s the same with IT. You use it, without have to think any more about it. We lay the egg for you. Here are the three conditions that we believe IT MUST meet.

IT MUST work impeccably. All the time.

You choose where you want to go, and we give you the keys. We make sure the engine is running and you can drive. Straight to your destination. Fast, flexible and reliable. At any time.

IT MUST be easy.

Your IT infrastructure and the cloud can save you work, man hours and grey hairs. As long as you don’t have to worry about how these things actually work, at least. This is only possible with an intuitive flow that you don’t have to think about and that you can get the hang of instantly. So forget the IT and enjoy the ride.

IT MUST help your company move forward.

Even the most advanced technology is worthless to you if it doesn’t help your company move up a gear. We know the way. We know the means. We look for precisely what works for you. Nothing less than that. More is ballast.

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Our working method

1. Analysing

2. Optimising

3. Supporting

4. Evolving

About technology

Collaboration: Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, …
Security: Netwerk, Threat Protection, Sandboxing, …
Identity: Single Sign On, Azure Active Directory, Passwordless authentication, …
Productivity: Secure e-mail, CloudPBX, Power Apps
User environment: Progressive webapp, User adoption, Devices, Endpoints, …
Connectivity : Wifi, Fiber, Directroute, IP-VPN, …
Modern Workplace: Microsoft 365, Workplace-as-a-Service, CloudPrinting, …


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